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Sample Program Outline



The Greatest Career is a live autobiographical program that informs and inspires a new generation of mental health professionals to leverage their strengths and interests. Presentations cover the following topics but will be tailored to meet the unique needs of the audience:


1.    Introduction

2.    The Early Years

3.    "Go to college, take courses, and find a career that you like."

4.    Psychology 001 

5.    Achieving in College

6.    Other Mental Health Careers

7.    Graduate Programs in Psychology (Masters and Doctoral Programs)

8.    Research, Research, and Research

9.    The Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

10.  Graduate Programs in Clinical Psychology (Ph.D. versus Psy.D.)

11.  What to Expect in Graduate School

12.  The Doctoral Dissertation 

13.  School Psychology

14.  Teaching in Colleges & Universities

15.  University Counseling Centers

16.  Community Counseling Centers 

17.  Psychiatric Hospitals

18.  Licensing Examinations and Licensure

19.  Private Practice

20.  Specializing

21.  "The Golden Hour"

22.  Acute Traumatic Stress Management (ATSM)

23.  Writing

24.  Presenting

25.  Consulting: AI-Integrated Emotional Wellness

26.  CRISISstream

27.  Forensic Psychology

28.  On Stage & On-Screen

29.  Telephone, Virtual, and Live Sessions

30.  Conclusion:  Questions & Answers  


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