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Responding to America’s Mental Health CRISIS

by Stimulating Interest in Mental Health CAREERS


The Greatest Career is an autobiographical, inspirational, and informative program created for:

College students exploring Graduate School and Medical School programs,

Master's students pursuing a career in the mental health field and

Doctoral candidates who are actively pursuing degrees in

clinical social work, psychology, and psychiatry. 

Attendees will learn about the mental health field and the countless opportunities for a meaningful, fulfilling, and lasting career.

Why today?


        The United States spends more to treat mental disorders

than any other disease or medical condition.


         Anxiety Disorders are the most common

         mental illness in the United States, and


         Depression is the leading cause of ill health

and disability worldwide.

The Greatest Career presentations are uniquely tailored to each audience and can be presented as informal discussions or keynote presentations. To discuss your needs, please contact us. 


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